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Disconnected Editing / Distributed Geodatabases

Question asked by boyle.matt on May 20, 2015

We are starting to test out disconnected editing with the Collector app.  Our datasets in SDE are typically versioned, and I've noticed that when going into disconnected editing mode, a new private version is created along with a replica is registered to the sde gdb.


We have not done any type of work with distributed geodatabases in the past so I'm looking for some general tips / best practices / advice on how to handle managing disconnected editing / geodatabase replication.


I have a few general questions that I'm hoping some people more familiar with geodatabase replication can answer...


1) I'm wondering what is the best practice for keeping data on the mobile device and sde gdb in sync?

2) What processes should run on the data to ensure they are in sync?

3) Are there processes that should be run before I do a reconcile and post on the private version that gets created when data is downloaded for disconnected mode?

4) How can I achieve a full compress on the sde gdb with a registered replica? ... do replicas need to be unregistered in order to achieve a full compress?


Like I said, we don't have much, if any, experience with distributed geodatabases, so I'm looking for some best practice workflows to keep data in sync, how to achieve a full compress, etc...


Any advice is greatly appreciated!