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Project a set of coordinates - points from an excel into a shape file with unknown coordinate system (map-match)

Question asked by Andricause on May 17, 2015
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I am trying to project a set of coordinates (points) from an excel, on top of a shape file (map) with an unknown coordinate system.


The excel file was created by first creating a map with some points in Google earth and then exported it into a .kml file and then created the excel.


The shape file was given to me ready for the project i am doing. Basically i am trying to map-match the two files and then join-relate them to get some additional information for my project.


Here is what i did step by step:

1. Open ArcMap (V.10.1) and right clicked 'Layers' and defined a Geographic Coordinate System 'WGS 1984'

2. Imported the "vista_nicosia_links.shp" (first attachment) and received a warning for unknown Spatial Reference (second attachment:Unknown_Spatial_Reference.jpg)

3. Exported the file into a shape file using 'the same coordinate system as the Data frame' option (third attachment:Export_Output.shp).

4.Now in the Properties->Source tab i can see the Geogra[hic Coordinate System to be GCS_WGS_1984 and the 'Extend' info are those in the forth attachment(Extend_Export_Output.jpg) having 7 digits on the left of the comma.

5.I closed and re-opened ArcMap and performed actions of Step 1

6. Then i added X,Y data from the excel file (fifth attachment: MAP V_5.3 Coordinates) and then right-click -> display X,Y data and specified the X and Y field. In the description of Input Coordinate System it was by default GCS_WGS_1984.

7.I exported the data into a .shp file (sixth attachment:Export_Output_2.shp) using 'the same coordinate system as the Data frame' option.

8.I re-opened ArcMap and repeated actions in step 1 and imported the two shape files i created in steps 3 and 7(Export_Output.shp and Export_Output_2.shp)

9. The two shape files are displayed in entirely different positions the one far away from the other. I noticed that in right click -> Properties -> Source tab-> 'Extent' area of the Export_Output i see that there are 7 digits on the left of the comma (forth attachment: Extend_Export_Output.jpg), where as in Export_Output_2 i see only 2 digits on the left of the comma (seventh attachment: Extend_Export_Output_2.jpg).

10. Then i tried to project both shape files (one at a time) from "ArcToolbox -> Data Management Tools -> Projections and Transformations -> Define Projection" into Projected Coordinate system 'WGS 1984 World Mercator' but nothing seems to change or happening. They are both re-projected at the same (initial) positions.


I also tried many other alternatives i found in the internet but didn't manage to sort this out.


It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me to sort this out because i don't know what i am doing wrong and i am stacked at this point for quite a long now.