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Setting up ArcServer from scratch

Question asked by lritchie on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by rastrauch

I've volunteered myself for the project of getting a local municipality's GIS installed & up to date. This is a large project and I need some guidance on how the process should go. I will include all the information I have and hopefully with your help I'll know the right help articles to read.


It's a small town of 13,000. They just bought a brand-new Windows 8 server to host all their GIS. Everything will go on this single machine, and the machine will be solely dedicated to GIS. They have a Basic license for Arc 10.3 and have six or so maps on ArcOnline. I've installed ArcServer on the new machine and authorized it using their authorization number. I've also cleaned up their existing data, gotten everything into the same projection, and titled things so they make sense.


The end goal is to have all their geodatabases in one place, to host maps for internal use as well as public consumption, and to administer various user accounts for editing online content, all from this new server. Basics, really; apps & development & multiple machines are not even on the radar. What I'm wondering is, what are the next steps?


My thinking is that the following needs to happen:

1. Get their geodatabases onto the new server

2. Re-direct their online maps to the new server

3. Get ArcGIS & ArcCatalog & the license manager onto the new server

4. Link our desktop machines to the new locations for ArcGIS & ArcCatalog

5. Clean up programs & data from the previous locations

6. Set up backups & data redundancy


Am I on the right track?