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Having problems with the Geoprocessing tool 'Create Map Tile Package'

Question asked by woodybwp on May 14, 2015

After 72 hours of processing a town wide map tile package that ended in a simple 'packaging failure' error, I decided to try the tool in ArcGIS  Pro. I found that I still had to replace the <WKT> section in my tile .xml file with the associated <WKID> to get the process to start. I also found that I couldn't even browse load the .xml file as required, I had to actually type the whole drive:\Path\Filename.xml.

After getting the tool to kickoff and go I was skeptical that it seemed to complete in under 2 minutes. The resulting .tpk file is only 448kb and seemingly empty. I think I see the tool start off with level 1 of 10 then it just flips to done. I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong. I am NOT using the ArcGIS Online/Bing/Google tiling scheme, I need to be able to zoom in much closer. I was able to successfully pull it off with desktop 10.2 but also limiting the extents to a small area (1/20 or less of the full area) and a scale depth down to 1:250 vs the desired 1:125.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.