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Why do I get error message when creating interpolation from point data to raster via spatial analysis tool?

Question asked by 31728146 on May 13, 2015
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I am having a series of issues with my new installation of Arc 10.2 and Microsoft Office 2013, which I had been plagued with for the last two weeks. The most recent now is that I can not do any interpolation work as I keep getting a series of errors.

Error: 010429 Error in Grid

Error: 010296 Error in writing raster

Error: 010067 Error in executing grid expression

Failed to execute (idw)


Now I am trying to interpolation to a raster from a point file via the spatial analysis tool using IDW as the method of interpolation, which I have been doing for several years now without any issues (Note:  I am now using a new computer, new ArcSoftware and the latest Mircosoft 2013 software...if this make any difference?//...).

I've inserted a print screen of these error messages...I hope this will help


I am not familiar with how to solve error or what they actually mean for that matter. The description in the Arc help center are completely over my head.

As I mentioned I have had a series of issues with the compatibility between Microsoft Office and Arc 10.2. For example, I was able to import (add) my Excel spreadsheets into Arc via "Add data> add XY data, but then could not create an xy event...without it having to be saved in the default folder. I did manage to create a shapefile for the added XY data...and thought all would be sweet, but now I can not do the next processing step of interpolation the point data (shapefile) to raster.


If someone could please help me with this issue, that would be great. I am now several weeks behind in my work and my deadline is approaching in a week.

Thanks for you time.