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ArcGIS Server with Reverse Proxy using IIS and SSL

Question asked by mnadas on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by mnadas

We have been trying to configure and set up ArcGIS Server and Portal and open access outside our firewall using a reverse proxy. Right now, Portal is accessible from outside the firewall through our reverse proxy but Server is not. We have configured and tested the certs and those seem to work fine. The reverse proxy seems to work fine because we can see Portal outside the network. ArcGIS Server seems to be configured correctly because we can access the server and features from inside the network as well as from the outside server which has the reverse proxy. But as soon as we attempt to access the server from outside our network, we get a http error of 502.3. Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Portal, ArcGIS server and both web adaptors for server and portal are on the server inside our firewall. The outside server only has the reverse proxy configured.


I can answer any questions if anyone has any.