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Shape.STLength() field is missing from SSMS

Question asked by Colli on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by bixb0012

Yet another snag in our migration from 10.1 SP1 to 10.3.


We have upgraded our Server, web adaptor, desktop and geodatabase to 10.3 and all seems to be working as expected, except that our print command from our customized server site stopped working. By stop working I mean it was no longer filtering buffers that were beyond a certain radius. our exportwebmap GP takes the point and associated buffers and prints them to a pdf but eliminates all radii that exceed 1/2 mile using the Shape.STLength field.


In our config.js file "PrintMapBufferLenghtLimit: 5060, //in meters, this is just over the circumference of the 0.5 mile ring"


So all the radii rings were being printed and we started digging.


Looking at the buffer feature in our SQL enterprise GDB via Catalog, this field is VISIBLE and the buffers all draw and respond appropriately, so clearly it's there.


Looking at the buffer feature in our SQL enterprise GDB via SSMS, this field is NOT VISIBLE, which is most likely why our code is not able to filter properly. Within SSMS if you expand the table and expand columns, it is missing, along with the Shape.STArea()


EDIT: All polygon features in our database are missing these two fields in SSMS.


Any idea out there? How do we get these fields back into SSMS and why did they go missing in SSMS but not catalog or desktop?