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ArcGIS Runtime .NET Editing point graphics

Question asked by BlairServicessLLC on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by akajanus-esristaff

Hello -


Am trying to allow editing (specifically a MoveGeometry)  for a selected point graphic.  This seems to work OK for selected polyline or polygon, but not points.   Here's what I try to do - which is entirely based on an Esri code sample:


var editConfig = Editor.EditorConfiguration;                

switch (m_selectedGraphic.Geometry.GeometryType)                


     case GeometryType.Polygon:                    

     case GeometryType.Polyline:                        

          editConfig.AllowAddVertex = true;                        

          editConfig.AllowDeleteVertex = true;                        

          editConfig.AllowMoveGeometry = true;                        

          editConfig.AllowMoveVertex = true;                        

          editConfig.AllowRotateGeometry = true;                        

          editConfig.AllowScaleGeometry = true;                        


     case GeometryType.Point:                    

     case GeometryType.Multipoint:                        

          editConfig.AllowAddVertex = false;                        

          editConfig.AllowDeleteVertex = false;                        

          editConfig.AllowMoveGeometry = true;                        

          editConfig.AllowMoveVertex = false;                        

          editConfig.AllowRotateGeometry = false;                        

          editConfig.AllowScaleGeometry = false;                        




     var resultGeometry = m_selectedGraphic.Geometry;                

     var progress = new Progress();                

     progress.ProgressChanged += (a, b) => { };                

     var g = m_selectedGraphic;                

     g.IsVisible = false;                

     var r = await Editor.EditGeometryAsync(g.Geometry, null, progress);


HERE an error is thrown saying that the operation is not supported on the geometry type (Point).  Is there some other way to edit point features?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.