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ArcGIS Runtime for WPF AcceleratedDisplayLayer interferers with the GraphicsLayer MouseEvents

Question asked by epaitz-esristaff Employee on May 8, 2015

We noticed that none of the MouseEvents, like MouseLeftButtonDown were working for a GraphicsLayer in our WPF application and we tracked it down to the AcceleratedDisplayLayer. I created some sample code to explain.


_map = new Map();

_map.Layers.Add(new ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer() { Url = "<insert_some_ags_url" });


MapPoint point = new MapPoint(10,10);


_graphicsLayer = new GraphicsLayer();

_graphicsLayer.Graphics.Add(new Graphic() {

    Geometry = new Envelope(point.X - 0.5, point.Y - 0.5, point.X + 0.5, point.Y + 0.5),

    Symbol = new SimpleFillSymbol() {

        Fill = Brushes.Red




_graphicsLayer.MouseLeftButtonDown += new GraphicsLayer.MouseButtonEventHandler(graphicsLayer_MouseButtonDown);



_map.Layers.Add(new AcceleratedDisplayLayers() { ID = "ADL" });


This code above will prevent the MouseLeftButtonDown Event from firing. If we change it to the following it will work just fine.


_map.Layers.Add(new AcceleratedDisplayLayers() { ID = "ADL" });





_map.Layers.Add(new AcceleratedDisplayLayers() { ID = "ADL" });



If the AcceleratedDisplayLayers is added after the GraphicsLayer (I guess its on top) seems to prevent mouse messages from passing to the GraphicsLayers underneath. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. We are using the ArcGIS Runtime for WPF