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How do I use outFields with a custom geocoder?

Question asked by bkeinath on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by bkeinath

While reading through geocoder documentation I found reference to an outFields parameter.  Assuming I understand what this does I'd like to add the functionality into some custom geocoders I use in web app builder applications.  I tried adding it into my geocoding config_Geocoder.json file but nothing seems to happen.  The geocoder still functions properly but no additional fields are shown.  Can someone help me figure out what is wrong with the code?

  "geocoder": {
    "autoComplete": true,
    "minCharacters": 3,
    "arcgisGeocoder": false,
    "geocoders": [
        "url": "",
        "name": "One2line",
        "singleLineFieldName": "SingleLine",
        "placeholder": "",
  "outFields": "*"