Set default value for a field in ArcMap using python

Discussion created by purplecruz on May 6, 2015
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I have been trying to figure out how I can set a default value to a field in ArcMap.  I see there is a tool called Assign Default to field but that is applied to the entire dataset.  I would like the default to apply to the current ArcMap session only.  In the Create Features window you can right click a layer and set a default there to get the behavior I would like but am trying to accomplish this for multiple layers in the TOC using python.


This is what I have been trying, starting with one layer first, but get an error "The attribute 'defaultValue' is not supported on this instance of Field"  I can print the defaultValue however.


feature_class = "Roads"

fields = arcpy.ListFields(feature_class)


for field in fields:

     if field.name == "Project_Name":

          field.defaultValue = "Test_Project"


Forgive me if I am making an obvious mistake.  I am still a beginner.  Thanks for any help!