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Custom Floor switcher widget WAB

Question asked by chricks on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by chricks

I've been trying to make a custom widget to switch between floors using radio buttons. I have a portal web map for each floor and want the radio button to display that floor with I click on it. It doesn't display to new map when clicked. What to do to make it work? Thanks!








], function(




    ImageParameters) {

    function FloorSwitchWidget(params) {



    var map, baseStartup;



    FloorSwitchWidget.prototype = BaseWidget.prototype;

    FloorSwitchWidget.prototype.templateString =

        '<div><b>Choose a floor to view</b><br><br>\

    <input type="radio" name= "FLOOR" value="basement" id="basement">  Basement<br>\

    <input type="radio" name= "FLOOR" value="first" id="first">  First Floor<br>\

    <input type="radio" name= "FLOOR" value="second" id="second">  Second Floor<br>\

    <input type="radio" name= "FLOOR" value="third" id="third">  Third Floor</div>';

    baseStartup = FloorSwitchWidget.prototype.startup;



    FloorSwitchWidget.prototype.startup = function() {

        console.log('FloorSwitchWidget startup');;

        map =;







        var elem1 = document.getElementById('first');

        var elem2 = document.getElementById('second');



        elem1.addEventListener('click', getFirst);

        elem2.addEventListener('click', getSecond);










    function getFirst() {

        console.log(' 1st clicked')

        arcgisUtils.createMap("99f08409990c4ac9bf49920d111c0d25", "map").then(function(response) {



            map =;











    function getSecond() {

        console.log(' 2nd clicked')

        arcgisUtils.createMap("1508e30da03f4b2f83e6226435dfb172", "map").then(function(response) {

            map =;









    FloorSwitchWidget.hasStyle = false;

    FloorSwitchWidget.hasUIFile = false;

    FloorSwitchWidget.hasLocale = false;

    FloorSwitchWidget.hasConfig = false;

    return FloorSwitchWidget;