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How to find widest street value for a parcel

Question asked by basmiray on May 1, 2015


Accoding to my Project I need to access value of widest Street of a parcel (shape).

I wrote a python script for the solution. But in my script i could not Access the value of widest Street

my code is below:


def getWidestStreet():
    streetWidthList = []
    attrList = ce.getAttributeList(ce.selection()[0])
    for attr in attrList:

        if attr.find("street") != -1:
    sorted(streetWidthList, reverse=True)
    print streetWidthList[0].value


Ekran Alıntısı.PNG

As seen in the screenshot, there is a selected shape which has 6 neighbourhoods for streets. And  6 streetWidth attributes respectively.

What I  need to do is to find the value of widest neighbour street for the selected shape.

Any help will be appreciated.