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Attribute table doesn't add tabs for layers as they are turned on

Question asked by SRoberts on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by jessemaps

The attribute table doesn't seem to refresh its tabs after being opened for the first time.  When I launch the application, my experience is that whichever layers I have turned on in the "layer list" widget at the time that I first open the "attribute table" widget are the only layers that I will ever see tabs for in the attribute table. 


For instance, my application has parcels and fire stations.  If I turn both off, then open the attribute table, the attribute table is empty.  Even if I turn both back on and reopen the attribute table, I can never get any content in the attribute table.


Now if I refresh the page, and I turn parcels on, then when I open the attribute table, I can see parcel attributes.  However, turning on the fire station layer never makes that layer appear in the attribute table, even if I minimize or close, then reopen the attribute table widget.


If I refresh the page, turn on parcels and fire stations in the layer list before opening the attribute table for the first time, then I can see the attributes for both those layers in the attribute table.


Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Am I missing something in the config?  Is it a bug?  I have the app deployed locally, so if someone knows the change I would need to make to the javascript, I could do that too. 

Thanks for your help.