HEC-GeoRAS functions missing

Discussion created by zgl on Nov 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by Snoop
Got a rather weird problem here:

The HEC-GeoRAS function "Floodplain Delineation Using TINs" does not show up (faded out) in the toolbar.

My ArcGIS version is 9.3.1 Build 3500
HEC-GeoRAS is 4.3.93 for ArcGIS9.3 from the ftp site.

And I made sure there is the .NET Framework in the machine and the ArcGIS has .NET support, as reminded by the "Readme10252010-Esri" document.

I have the required 3D extension on. Just could not think of anything that cause the problem.

Wondered if anyone sees the same? Thanks for any thought.