Dynamic Layer transparency

Discussion created by on Oct 31, 2010
I need to create application ti track objects on the map,so i went for DynamicLayer approach.
I load map from mxd file like this

i subclass BaseDynamicLayer
public sealed class MyDynamicLayer:ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.BaseClasses.BaseDynamicLayer
i override DrawDynamicLayer and ID functions.Thats should be enough to make it work as i understand from examples.

i load map from mxd file.

then i add dynamic layer and enable dynamic map

m_dMap = axMapControl1.ActiveView.FocusMap as IDynamicMap;
m_dMap.DynamicMapEnabled = true;
dl = new MyDynamicLayer();
axMapControl1.AddLayer( dl,0);

everything compiles and runs and DrawDynamicLayer  gets called.
but i cant see the map loaded from mxd file.
I thought it should be transparent ...because what is the use of not transparent layer?
Am i missing something?
How do i turn transparency of DynamicLayer on?