AnsweredAssumed Answered Map - Adding a Tile Layer in non-mercator projection

Question asked by qbnsqbns on Apr 29, 2015

Dear ESRI Devs,


When the ArcGIS Online Map ( ) is in Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857), I can add tiled layers (Add -> Add Layer From Web -> A Tile Layer) without any problems. But when the Map is in another projection, let's say EPSG:2180, then every time I try to add a tile layer there's an error:


The tile layer, http://some_service_url, can't be added to the map because it does not support a coordinate system or tiling scheme that aligns with the basemap.


I understand why the error is displaying (the projection is other that Web Mercator), but the error message itself is not true, because:

1. There's no possible way to check if spatial reference and tiling scheme of that kind of layer is same as the basemap's

2. That kind of layer can always be added to the map with assumption that it's tiling scheme is same as the basemap, but when it's not, it will display incorrectly.


It would be very useful for me and my team if we could add Tile Layers in non-standard projections. I know that very few people will benefit from this so I fully understand if you decide not to implement this functionality but it would be nice



Jakub Malec