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Syncing Geocoder for Offline Capability in SDK for .NET

Question asked by andrewtangeman on Apr 28, 2015
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I am utilizing ESRI's Runtime SDK for .NET using the Desktop API. The applications I am developing will need to update internal data on the client via a secure web adapter connection to an outside instance of ArcGIS for Server 10.2.2.


This sync task can be considered a 1-way replica. That is, the client instances do not need to sync edits back up to the ArcGIS for Server. After the data is cached locally using the sync task, the application then records the name of the geodatabase in the .NET solution for persistent offline use.


My GeoLocator on the client side needs to utilize the most recent data available. Our locators utilize placename and road networks that change frequently. Since they will be only connecting to the ArcGIS for Server instance using a secure web adapter once or twice a week, I need a workflow to push or update a new locator to the client each time it connects.


Keeping in mind that these sync operations cannot be performed via FTP, SQL, or any other data access other than the token-authenticated link between the client app and the server, how can I best approach this problem?


One idea I had was to use a code snippet from ArcObjects for .NET (RebuildAddressLocatorPersonalGeodataase()) to rebuild the locator using data from the synced geodatabase. However, this sounds a bit convoluted.


Can anyone expand on my solution, or provide me with resources to accomplish this from within a .NET 4.5 environment?






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