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How to disable FeatureLayer callout function

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2015
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I am adding callout to my Map and it works fine.


I create a pushpin:

AGSPictureMarkerSymbol *pushpin = [AGSPictureMarkerSymbol pictureMarkerSymbolWithImageNamed:@"BluePushpin.png"];
pushpin.offset = CGPointMake(9, 16);
pushpin.leaderPoint = CGPointMake(-9, 11);


Then I add the callout pushpin to may callout layer

AGSPoint *theTask = [AGSPoint pointWithX:latitude y:longitude doubleValue]
AGSGraphic graphic = [AGSGraphic graphicWithGeometry:theTask symbol:pushpin attributes:singleDataDic];
[self.taskInfoLayer addGraphic:graphic];



Everything works fine, when I tap on a pin point, it actually shows something.


The problem happened after I added some other layer:

AGSFeatureLayer *bldgLayer = [AGSFeatureLayer featureServiceLayerWithURL:featureBldgURL mode:AGSFeatureLayerModeOnDemand];
[self.mapView addMapLayer:bldgLayer withName:LAYER_BLDG_NAME];


Even when I tap on a place where I did not put a pushpin, it still shows up an empty callout dialog:



I found that the AGSFeatureLayer has implement AGSLayerCalloutDelegate, maybe it's the reason to show an empty callout when user tap on that AGSFeatureLayer?


How can I disable the callout for AGSFeatureLayer? Or, any other solution for this problem?