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Final project: trying to find the best location to set an emergency medical center in 5 nj counties

Question asked by mow1567 on Apr 22, 2015
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For my final project, I wanted to identify potential sites (locations) for setting up emergency medical centers in the suburbs of 5 New Jersey Counties. The purpose of my project is to address the problem of rapid responses to reliable emergency health services in the outer suburban areas in new jersey and present an evaluation of ex-urban areas with the focus on identifying areas that are ideal establishing a group of privately owned ex-urban medical emergency response centers. The first step of my method is/was finding a general location for each county. I used google earth. The counties I chose were camden, middlesex, mercer, Hunterdon and Somerset. For this question I will use camden county  (which is attached here) as an example, and the location will be in sicklerville township. I'm not too sure what method(s) to use once I found the location and/or what data to look for. Would georeferencing be good method? I have a trial version of ArcGIS 10.2.2. I've read somewhere about using arcgis spatial analyst in order to find if a location is suitable (theres a tutorial that comes with it) but I can't find the program on my desktop (I saw it as an extension on arcmap). I tried looking for data from this site: TIGER/Line® - Geography - U.S. Census Bureau and was able to download a zip of the us counties. Really wanna know what steps I should take


Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks