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Customized web app will not deploy properly

Question asked by rudiewatzig on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by rscheitlin

I am currently using Web App Builder 1.1 Developer edition. 


When I import my web app from my AGOL account, I can modify it, etc.  I can then save the map, it downloads the zip of the application, and I then deploy it on my web server.  The app works just fine.


When I modify the app by adding a custom widget, and follow this process, the web app does not work fine in deployment.  The app now re-directs to an https and times out.  The load screen shows, and then the redirect happens and the app never starts up.


When I view the customized app in web app builder, using the "launch" button, the app loads just fine, and the widgets work, etc.


I am not using an https redirect under the authentication of the app on the dev website.  Any thoughts?


I gave the app to my IT guy, and this is what he found (see attached)


It's all frustrating, because I got a pretty nice app worked out and I would love to deploy it.  Thanks for your help.


Rudie Watzig