How do you make an edit box invivible in ArcPad 10?

Discussion created by Hornbydd on Oct 22, 2010
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A client has asked to me resurrect from the past an old ArcPad 6 project. I had created custom forms with vb code for a bunch of shapefiles. When I load the forms in I notice what were invisible edit boxes are now visible in ArcPad 10. Looking at the APL file it looks like I made them invisible by deleting the font attributes from the XML schema (the APL file). Well this obviously does not work in Arcpad 10, so how does one make the control invisible? There appears to be no attribute one can set to say invisible (well not from I've seen from the Help file anyway)?

I want them invisible as they are holding a value which affects the value of another edit box.

Whats the official way esri would do it?