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Custom Symbol Bug

Question asked by JamesPreston on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by JamesPreston

Prior to the latest update of AGOL I had been adding custom hosted symbols to some of my maps, and had been getting good results. Symbols would display nicely at their native resolution. But since the update I have not had the same experience. Now when I add a custom symbol it gets distorted, with ugly results. It does not seem to affect custom symbols that were already added to the map pre-update. In the image below the playground and toilet icons are custom symbols that I added pre-update, and are displaying as they should. But the cafe icon has been added post-update, and should be the exact same size as the other icons, but it appears to be squashed top to bottom.




I am now in a position where I really need to redo all previous icons to make them consistent, but this means that they will all be squashed. This is not ideal as the crispness of the icons is lost when the shape is changed.


Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone have any suggestions?