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Mosaic Raster Calculator data to base map incomplete

Question asked by eerstewart22 on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by STompsett-esristaff

Hi everyone


What I want to achieve is adding features of different sizes to a base map.  The base map I have is cell size 5 so the problem I have is that feature that are thinner than 5metres come up patchy.  I managed to get this far and completed a raster calculation to add height data to the existing base map with the desired effect (see 'minimum test'). I would like to add this to my base map but once added using the Mosaic tool, all my data returns to the original cell size which is 5 (see 'overallresult'). Has anyone had experience with this? I may be resigned to the fact that the cell size of my base map will act as default otherwise, but it is not ideal especially for viewshed analysis purposes. Any information or ideas would be much appreciated.

Many thanks