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Appending data to Feature Classes in/with Topologies

Question asked by SettineC on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by dknolan

This is a question based on an error message, but also is meant to gain more insight about working with topologies. I've created a feature dataset with several road feature classes (I'll call one layer_to_append_rows_to) , and am comparing them to an older version of those datasets (old_roads) outside of the feature dataset, using a topology to help spot and eliminate gaps in the roads. I am using ArcMap version 10.2.2, and when I attempt to append selected roads from old_roads to the layer in the feature dataset, it spits out a


999999: Error executing function message

"Objects in this class cannot be updated outside an edit session [layer_to_append_rows_to]"


You also cannot delete data from the feature class while it has a topology. So I'm curious if anyone knows why you cannot append or delete data in feature classes while they have a topology based off of them - is it a legitimate error/unacceptable process within the Feature Dataset/Topology functionality or is it something occurring because the feature dataset or topology was not created correctly? I was able to create a layer from selected features in old_roads then merge layer_to_append_rows_to without errors, but that creates a new layer outside of the feature dataset.


If that was unclear, processes in ArcMap went as followed:

1) add old_roads to layers, contains road segments

2) create feature dataset

3) import table layer_to_append_rows_to, which has gaps with missing roads

4) create topology based on "no dangles" rule for layer_to_append_rows_to

5) add both topology and table in feature dataset to layers

6) identify gap to be filled, select road segment from old_roads

7) use append tool with NO_TEST, old_roads selected rows as input, layer_to_append_rows_to as output

8) see error message


Any insights would be much appreciated.