Network Hierarchy appears to be overridden by cost parameter

Discussion created by robertlindquist on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2010 by mrice-esristaff
I have used the Street Data Processing Tools available for processing Navteq streets data in ArcGIS 10.  The only twist is that I have added a "jurisdiction" field to the Streets data in order to segregate State jurisdiction roads from Non-State jurisdiction roads; an integer field where state jurisdiction = 1 and non-state jurisdiction = 2.  I then use this field as a Value for the hierarchy attribute. 

The problem is:  when I create and solve a route, it appears that the hierarchy is not being observed.  It appears that the Cost attribute is trumping hierarchy:  at times the route leaves a state road onto a non-state road and then re-joins a state road later in the path.  It is my understanding that once a route hits the highest level of hierarchy, it should not leave that level.