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Natural Language Parsing of Dates into Calendar Date Format

Question asked by phoenixar on Apr 18, 2015
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What are good python code samples/libraries that I could use to parse the Natural Language Parsing of Recurring dates that are in string value (eg. Not Posted, Both Sides Even Month 2nd Thu) into quantified values such as a calendar date (example: "16/04/2015")?



I want to parse a data field in a street sweeping schedule data table.  The data field contains recurring dates in the natural language: eg. "Not Posted, Both Sides Even Month 2nd Thu" into a numerical data format for further processing in the Field Calculator.

street sweeping schedule.png

The output field that I want to create will tell me the "x number of days since street was last swept".



I wish to statistically study whether there is a correlation between street sweeping and the coastal water quality values.  I have the water quality data in the form of on-site collected data and satellite remote sensed data, but in order to examine the correlation between these two variables, I'll need to parse the aforementioned data field with a given a "sample date".


Input output:

"water data collection date" > python parsing tool > "x number of days since street was last swept"



This code will be available for public use on GitHub:

Python code on GitHub: phoenixar/StreetSweepingScheduleParser · GitHub

I am new to GitHub and python coding, so please contact me via reply to this discussion thread.

Please feel free to start "issue threads" on GitHub!




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