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Web App Builder Layer List tree

Question asked by centerlinemapping on Apr 17, 2015

We have 130 + image services in a web app and want to publish and customize using Developer Edition of WAB.


The idea is to organize and group image services into a custom layer tree so that users can expand and collapse sublayers, similar to publishing an MXD with a built in tree.


Is it possible to complete this task?  We found the object that is loaded to a LayerListView.  I believe we want to replicate the object into subgroups with only (a,b,c) layers in object 1, (d,e,f) layers in object 2, (g,h,i) layers in object 3 and then load those 3 separate objects in their own LayerListView within separate DIV elements in the LayerList widget.


this.layerListView = new LayerListView({

          operLayerInfos: this.operLayerInfos,

          layerListWidget: this,

          config: this.config



This is where all layers of web map get added to the layerlist in the web app, but we only want 13 of 130 layers added to this div, and 16 of 130 layers added to another div.