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Custom Zoom level for Offline map tile cache in arcgis for android

Question asked by Ashwinikumar on Apr 16, 2015



I am working on the offline map feature provided by Arcgis 10.2.5 for Android Platform. I am setting a basemap in offline mode by fetching the .tpk files from the device storage.


I am able to export the tiledmaps (.tpk) layers for the sample tiledbasemap that is provided by Arcgis from the link


I would like to know whether I can export the tiles of the maps for offline usage at different zoom levels or custom zoom levels and custom region preference. If yes, how can I do it.


Right now I can zoom upto a max of 5 levels that is I can double tap 5 times and that all I can zoom the map in offline mode.

I am currently using a trial developer account for development since I am analyzing the ArcGIS for Android for my upcoming project. 



Please help.


Thanks in advance.