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What is the difference between and

Question asked by peterlen on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by curtvprice

Hello - We are using ArcGIS v10.2.  I have been playing with the spatial analyst Visibility tool.  I am writing my own Python script tool and so wanted to see how ArcGIS would list the Visibility tool call so I built a model where I dragged the Visibility (spatial analysis) tool to my model and then added all of the tool's parameters.  It all ran fine and si I exported it to a Python file.  The python file listed the tool as:  which took 18 arguments.


When I looked at the help file for this tool, the python code example looked like:


ret = which took 17 arguments.  The definition above included an output raster as the 3rd argument and is why it took 1 more argument than this version.  This version, does not take a raster output option, but instead returns a raster type.


Both seem to create the same output but I am confused as to why there are two different versions.  I could not find anything on an module so am unsure of where the is being read from.


The odd thing is that in my ArcMap's Search window, when I find my Visibility (spatial analysis) entry, the help link shows an example of the second type ( but the link that points me to the tool int he toolbox, which I dragged to my model, and which I exported as a Python script, lists the first type (


Any thoughts?


Thanks - Peter