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ArcGIS Online Custom Symbol Pop-Up Click Area Too Large & Overlap Problem

Question asked by NRECA-MAPS on Apr 16, 2015

I am using a custom image as a point symbol in some of my ArcGIS Online maps.

The "pin image" is shaped like a teardrop, but the image itself is a rectangle, of course.

It looks like the image must include a long transparent portion beyond the tip in order for ArcGIS Online to render it in the appropriate location.

If I crop it exactly at the tip, then it is not correctly geographically placed.

If I include the transparent portion below the tip it is.


Here is the icon/symbol image I am using:


The problem comes in when the symbols overlap.

Because they overlap on top of one another, you can end up clicking an icon and getting a different points pop-up.

This happens a lot especially since I have the long transparent portion at the bottom.


Here is an example of the problem:


Has anyone else experienced this?

Am I just missing some sort of documentation on creating custom image symbols?




Thank you,