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Help with hosting query layer via REST through ArcGIS Online

Question asked by jpeal on Apr 16, 2015
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I created a view in SQL that includes the shape and unique identifier columns.  I add reference to this view as a query layer to a map in ArcGIS for Desktop (Select * from viewName), set the unique identifier field, and it shows.  I then save the map document and share as a map service via ArcGIS for Server (mapping enabled only - for reference).  I now have a REST layer that I THOUGHT I could add to ArcGIS Online, but haven't been able to. 


Problem layer:


My questions are:


1)  Is a query layer such as this not supported in ArcGIS Online yet? If they are not, what is the best recommended practice to show related data via ArcGIS Online without having to export the resulting view to a new feature class routinely?

2)  If it is supported, is this a projection issue, i.e. doall spatial data have to be projected in WGS84 (Auxiliary Sphere) before creating the query layer and publishing it to ArcGIS Server?


I have other MapServer layers that are not in WGS 84 that are not query layers that display just fine in the same ArcGIS Online map (ex: ).


Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks in advance!