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Network analyst - Create Costum Evaluator with Java

Question asked by QueenTsofan on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by FGibson-esristaff

Hi ,


As part of the project i'm working on, me and my fellows created an extension that uses network analyst to solve routes.We were also needed to create a custom evaluator for the solve route operation.


Our custom evaluator implemented ITimeAwareEvaluator. pretty much like this example:


We wrote the extension and the evaluator in .Net.

The projects compiled into dll's and all we had to do was to register the evaluator with "ESRIRegAsm.exe".


Today we are trying to change the extension and the evaluator to Java.

The same interfaces that our custom evaluator implemented exist in java but it compiles into jar

and I can't register it through ESRIRegAsm.exe.


Anyone knows how to create custom evaluator in Java and how to register it to the server and desktop?


Thanks in advance