shortest path over a cost raster between two points

Discussion created by stelder on Oct 18, 2010
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Hi everyone,

as always simple questions may have difficult answers. I just have this:

1) a set of 400 points, for which I need to find the shortest paths between them over a cost raster. Not really the path itself but just the total cost of the path.
2) a cost raster

If I do spatial analyst/shortest path I cannot specify " from" and "to" , just a source. I now choose one location, make it a separate point file and run it with this one as the source, but that in effect leads to calculating the SP for each individual cell of the reference raster (= cost raster with 44 million cells) to that single location (takes 10 minutes for that one alone!). I just need to do that for the 400 cells that matter. Now my code runs 48 hours because of all these superfluous calculations.

So in short: whats the code for the SP from a single point A to a single point B over a cost raster?

thanks for any help on this