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TAB-separated values in tcp-text-in

Question asked by erik.lanhammaresri-se-esridist Employee on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by erik.lanhammaresri-se-esridist

Hello all,


Have anyone had any luck using TAB-separated attribute values into a tcp-text-in input connector?! I have tried '\t' and '\u0008' as attribute separator in the input connector without success.


Im using a simple simulation csv-file loaded into the simulation tool like this:


TABBER     "A"     "B"     "C"     "D"

TABBER     "E"     "F"     "G"     "H"


...and a simple geoevent service like this:


tcp-text-in ---> tcp-text-out



Result is...nothing but two geoevent definitions created:


TABBER"A"B"C"D     No Fields found.

TABBER"E"F"G"H     No Fields found.


Any ideas?