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Using the same SSL-certificate in IIS as in ArcGIS for Server

Question asked by jostein on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by DSmith-esristaff

I have enabled SSL on ArcGIS for Server 10.3: Created a self signed certificate in the ArcGIS Server REST Admin, exported it to a certificate request that was sent to a signing authority. Got the signed certificate back and imported it into the self signed certificate. All working well.


Then, I want to use the same certificate to make an https binding to my website. When I try to import the certificate into IIS, the result is a certificate that does not contain a private key, and I'm not able to use it for the https binding (it doesn't show up in the dropdown of available certificates in IIS). The support people from the company that issued the SSL certificate says that IIS don't know where to find this private key since the original self-signed certificate and the certificate request was made inside ArcGIS Server. Does anyone know how to do this?


I have found documentation about using SSL certificates on ArcGIS Server that are already in use by IIS, but nothing for the opposite case like this. Any tips would be very welcome!