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No feature table Type - runtime content

Question asked by philojuan on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by LDanzinger-esristaff

I am trying to add a layer from a local geodatabase file that was created using ArcMap. I have tried two different files ( .geodatabase format ) that my analyst generated for me and in both cases. I am getting the following errors.


The files are kinda big to attach but I will be glad to send it directly via email.


I am using Desktop 10.2.2, QT 5.4.1 and ArcGIS QT SDK 10.2.5


ArcGIS.Runtime.Map: void __cdecl QmlMap::classBegin(void)

ArcGIS.Runtime.Layer: void __cdecl QmlFeatureLayer::setFeatureTable(class QmlFeatureTable *) QObject(0x0)

ArcGIS.Extras.Plugin: class QObject *__cdecl ArcGISExtrasPlugin::systemProvider(class QQmlEngine *,class QJSEngine *) QObject(0x0)

ArcGIS.Extras.Core: __cdecl TkSystem::TkSystem(class QObject *) devicePixelRatio 1

ArcGIS.Extras.Core: __cdecl TkSystem::TkSystem(class QObject *) primaryScreen.physicalDotsPerInch 102.299

ArcGIS.Extras.Core: __cdecl TkSystem::TkSystem(class QObject *) primaryScreen.logicalDotsPerInch 96

ArcGIS.Extras.Core: __cdecl TkSystem::TkSystem(class QObject *) referenceDotsPerInch 96

ArcGIS.Runtime.Utility: class QString __cdecl FileUtility::pathVariable(const class QString &,const class QString &,bool) Setting default "HOME" = "C:/Users/Prem"

ArcGIS.Extras.Core: class QString __cdecl TkSystem::userHomePath(void) Default: "C:/Users/Prem"

ArcGIS.Extras.File: __cdecl TkFileFolder::TkFileFolder(const class QString &,class QObject *) QDir( "C:/Users/Prem" , nameFilters = { * }, QDir::SortFlags( Name | IgnoreCase ) , QDir::Filters( Dirs|Files|Drives|AllEntries ) )

ArcGIS.Runtime.Geodatabase: void __cdecl QmlGeodatabase::setPath(const class QString &) "C:/Users/Prem/ArcGIS/Runtime/bartholomewin_vec.geodatabase" "C:/Users/Prem/ArcGIS/Runtime/bartholomewin_vec.geodatabase"

ArcGIS.Runtime.Map: void __cdecl QmlMap::componentComplete(void)

ArcGIS.Runtime.Map: void __cdecl QmlMap::componentComplete(void) Adding 1 declared layer(s)

ArcGIS.Runtime.Layer: void __cdecl QmlLayer::onLayerCreateError(const class QString &) QmlFeatureLayer "" "No feature table type"

int __cdecl main(int,char *[]) ApplicationWindow_QMLTYPE_12_QML_15(0x1cf26b4180)




The code is really simple



import QtQuick 2.3

import QtQuick.Controls 1.2

import ArcGIS.Runtime 10.25

import ArcGIS.Extras 1.0



ApplicationWindow {

    id: appWindow

    width: 800

    height: 600

    title: "TestingLocalGDB"



    property string runtimePath: System.userHomeFolder.filePath("ArcGIS/Runtime");





    Geodatabase {

        id: geodatabase;

        path: runtimePath + "/bartholomewin_vec.geodatabase" ;








    Map {

        anchors.fill: parent



        focus: true


        ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer {

            url: ""



        FeatureLayer {

            id: featureLayer;

            featureTable: geodatabase.geodatabaseFeatureTableByLayerId(0);