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Change ownership of SDE feature class

Question asked by jlelmore on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Holly8639

Is it possible to change ownership, either in SQL Management Studio or ArcCatalog, of a feature class created by a non-sysadmin user, to the default (dbo) schema?


I am using SDE 10.3 and SQL 2008 R2.  Users authenticate via Operating System Auth (Windows Active Directory).


I have a number of users who need to be able to create new feature classes but our security policy permits only server admins to have sysadm rights on SQL, therefore any feature classes created by non-sysadmin are named and owned by that user, even if they are given dbo as their default schema in SQL.  The resulting feature class name is "[database].[domain].[user].[featureclass]" rather than the desired [database].DBO.[featureclass].  I would like to allow my users to create the feature class under their account and then use my sysadmin account to change ownership to DBO so as to be available to all enterprise users under the default schema.


I have tried simply editing the dbo.SDE_table_registry table in SQL to change the owner to DBO, but when I do, ArcCatalog no longer displays the feature class (under either name).  Clearly, this is not the only place where the owner is being stored in the SDE tables.


Does anybody know of a way to effect this ownership change, or a different workflow that would allow non-sysadmin role users to create new features as DBO?