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Referencing Shapefiles in Python and Printing Shapefile Entries

Question asked by octaffle on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Dan_Patterson

I am a complete Python novice and I have been searching and searching and so far, I am unable to find a straightforward answer to my question. 


I want to write a statement that checks if a shapefile has a field "Area", and if not, make one. This is what I have:



if "Area" not in outline:

    arcpy.AddField_management(outline, "Area", "FLOAT", 6, 3)


The If statement isn't working.  When I run it again, the code gets hung up because there is already a field named "Area".  Obviously, the code is not looking if there is a field named "Area" but rather it is looking for that string in the variable.  How do I reference the fields inside a shapefile within an If statement? outline.Area doesn't work and neither does !Area!.  I have tried the SearchCursor thing using the following code and it outputs <Cursor object at 0x137ed0f0[0x13587f80]>, and I don't know what that means.




Furthermore, I want to sum the areas in that Area field after they are calculated, so I need to be able to reference the field, right?  I looked at the arcpy.Statistics_analysis() function and I need to create a whole separate table to pull one value from the shapefile?  That's not required to view the summary statistics in the ArcGIS GUI (right click on field in attribute table-> Summary...).  Is there a less cluttered way to sum the entries in a shapefile field in Python?


I have downloaded the shapefile package but that doesn't seem to fit what I need either.