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WPF Component and 8.3 style filenames

Question asked by Matt_Moore100 on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by NManocha-esristaff

Afternoon all,

We've run into a bit of an issue using the WPF runtime.

We've built an application which works fine on our systems but once delivered to the customer site we have discovered an apparent incompatibility with their setup.


It appears that this is caused ultimately but the AppLocker system on windows which prevents the loading of the 'RuntimeCoreNET.dll'. Further investigation suggests that this is caused due to the DLL being referenced by a short file name, rather than by its full path. This short-name alias is unfortunately not compatible with AppLocker white lists.


Anyone else run into similar problems or able to suggest a work around?

Kind regards,