SA COGO input using geodesics, variables etc

Discussion created by johnells on Oct 6, 2010
First I have not used SA so right now I am trying to determine if it will meet my requirements.

1. construct geodesic lines and fixed radius arcs using the COGO functions.
2. declare the initial coordinates once and use them via a COGO script.
3. create coordinates as a result of COGO functions and call them in subsequent COGO functions.
4. ability to add redundant observations (when necessary) and perform a LS adjustment.
5. ability to edit COGO script in a plain text editor.
6. ability to indicate which solution is the correct one (i.e. distance - distance intersection).

I do not want to hard-code any coordinates (other than the initial seed list) or pre-compute points or azimuths.

Thanks for any feedback.