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Using a map shared with a group in Web AppBuilder

Question asked by jestanford on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by dmwake2


I need some advice on building an app that references a map that belongs to a group that I am part of.

I am a contractor that belongs to my company's organization account. A client has invited me to a group and shared a webmap with me that contains an editable layer. I am able to view this map and make edits via the AGOL web interface.

When I create an app using the developer edition of Web App Builder and set the Portal URL to my organization's account ( I am able to add the shared map to the app and configure the Editor widget to reference the editable layer.

When I open the deployed app I log in through and can then successfully edit the layer. However, my client is not able to log in to even though he authored and shared the web map with me. If I change the portal URL to then I am not able to log in and view the map.

How can I create an app that we can both use to access our shared content? Is this possible?