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How to debug the missing Data on Features?

Question asked by raffygim65 on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by raffygim65

hi, all,


I have implemented the custom GeoEvent - custom Transport and adapter- to handle the xml data from UNS (so called MUPs) server and verified all input data to the GeoEvent parsed correctly on my custom adapter code.


The GeoEvent service to test it, I set up Input connector (using custom transport/adapter I implement), and using Field Mapper to map between custom defn to the SDE feature server service layer fields, and then pass to the GeoEvent default Output connector for 1) Add Features 2) Update Features, 3) File-Out to test,


All seems to work fine, but randomly (not frequently though) - no consistent pattern, some data are missing on csv file and ms sql sde data base which is the backend of the feature server layer.

I used the mostly default setting up on Add a Feature output like Update Interval (1 seconds), Max Feature Per Transaction as 500, Generate flat Json (Yes), Formatted Json(no), Delete old features (no).


Is there anyway for me to check why randomly some data is missing on the output?


The data sources are about 150 cars and each one spits out the data every 10 seconds from UNS server by TCP.

When trace the data-In, sometimes few datas from different cars are merged, and my transport/adapter code parse them correctly and set GeoEvent on the adapter.


welcome any comment and help on this issue, and big thanks in advance,