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Rebuild Cache Options

Question asked by boyle.matt on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by mcguirmm

I'm looking for opinions/options for how to best rebuild cache on our production server services.  What I would like to do is rebuild the cache on a staging server and then copy the cache over to the production services.  I have a python script that will do this but it seems to be hit and miss on when it works.  The main hang-up on when it fails seems to be because it can't remove a .bundle file.


Does anyone know what causes a lock on a .bundle file?  As part of my script I stop the map service before copying over the cache.  Is this not enough?...does the entire ArcGIS Server service need to be stopped?


Is it better/more likely to not have any incidents if I just rebuild the cache on the production server?  The main reason I don't want to do this is to keep the computer resources available (CPU/RAM) on our production machine.  Rebuilding cache usually sucks up most of the available CPU and RAM which is why I am trying to rebuild the cache on a staging server then copy over.


Just wondering what others have tried and had success with.


Thanks in advance!!