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Rnd column in attribute table, strange behaviour

Question asked by GSCUser85 Champion on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by jamesfreddyc

This whole thing started when I wanted to make a random number column and populate it in an attribute table.

I added a column to the table called "Rnd" (type double).


Then I opened the field calculator to populate this with a random number. But then I noticed that it was already populated with a number, all the same.

Even when I calculated the field to any number (in this case 2), a different random float would appear.


Even opening the table would generate another.

Strangely, after the calc above, I closed ArcMap, and opened the table in Access (this is in a personal geodb), the contents = 2.


Is this behavior, for a field called "Rnd" documented anywhere?

And, just in case I am totally loosing it, can someone confirm that this happens on another system.

My version 10.2.2.