geometry parameter is invalid for QUERY but ok for BUFFER?!

Discussion created by Will_Branch on Sep 28, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by Will_Branch
I am building a C# library wrapper for REST services (GeometryServer/buffer...).  Using this library I can buffer points, lines and polygons and get valid json responses.  I have gotten it to where I can pass in properly formatted geometries in json via POST.

However.  When it comes to passing in non-simple geometries to the QUERY service I keep getting a "geometry parameter is invalid" response...

Here is a geometry being passed into my server to be buffered, and it works.

Here is the same geometry being passed into the same server to query a parcel layer, and it does not work:

I also have the same problems on a ver 10 server.

Any ideas on what is wrong?