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Discussion created by sonnenschein0815 on Sep 24, 2010
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We use ArcGIS 9.3 and C#.
In Layer Properties Definition Query whe define that only Features with restricted GTYPE_ID should be visible in map.
Some query definition for example:

  • (GTYPE_ID = 3 or GTYPE_ID = 4) and STATUS <= 4

  • (GTYPE_ID=15 or GTYPE_ID=20 or GTYPE_ID=18 or GTYPE_ID=26 or GTYPE_ID=29 or GTYPE_ID=32) and STATUS <= 4

  • (GTYPE_ID <= 100 AND GTYPE_ID >= 90) OR (GTYPE_ID <= 20 and GTYPE>=10) and not GTYPE_ID =15

Is there a API to check whether GTYPE_ID 5 is visible in map.
ArcMap has to check it before display the objects in map. Can I use the same methods?

Question example: Is GTYPE_ID 5 excludet in Featurelayer?
Alternatively: Is GYTYPE 5 displayes in Featurelayer?

If I develop my own function I have to look for and, or, (), <= and/or >=....

Maybe someone has an example or only a hint for me.

best regards Simona