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localtiledlayer faster on android than .net

Question asked by Stunna on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Stunna

So first of all, my environment. I did not specify the localtiledlayer in my xaml markup because I have some underlying logic on how to best distinguish where my .tpk package will be sourced from. So I am explicitly setting the tiledlayer in a viewmodel sitting in C# code (don't know if this has any performance factors)


What really boggles me is that the same .tpk package, when the source tpk is coming from a local file, has better performance on an android (with lesser hardware specs) than my native .net application running on a tablet. And i'm not referring to loading speed, which isn't a concern. There is distinct lagginess and choppy frames when I move the map on my .net application.


Both interfaces are using touch interfaces.


So my question is if there are any reasons for this? Any tips and tricks to get my .net application to perform better? Is the fact that windows is intercepting my touch events causing a lag on the application? Or is this something related to my arcgis app? Graphically, I'm only drawing 60 points.