BUG in Ripleys K Function

Discussion created by wisfool on Sep 18, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by mjanikas-esristaff
I have a point data set representing 'Plants' across a vast range.  The point data set does not contain a boundary... its just a collection of points.

I would like to perform a Multi-distance Spatial Cluster Analysis (Ripleys K Function) on my data set.

I am Utilizing ArcMap10 on a Windows 7 machine. 

Here are the parameter inputs:
output table
Number of distance bands: 10
Confidence Interval: 99_permuations
Display results checked
Weight Field: Blank
Beginning Distance: 0
Distance Increment: 2
Boundary Correction Method: Ripley_edge_correction_formula
Study Area Method: Minimum_enclosing_rectangle

The calculation FAILS.  The error that it throws is:
<type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:28L

The problem is with the Boundary Correction method.
If I use NONE or SIMULATE OUTER BOUNDARY VALUES, the calculation works.
If I use RIPLEYS EDGE or REDUCE ANALYSIS AREA the calculation fails.

I am assuming it is a BUG in Arc10 because it works fine in 9.X.

Any suggestions??