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ArcGIS Server documentation for cached map service shared storage best practices

Question asked by simpsonr on Mar 23, 2015

I have a production AGS 10.2 site that has two servers in the cluster and utilizes a shared storage location for it's directories (config-store, caches, etc...).  We used to have that storage space on a netapp NAS.  Recently we had to move our storage to a Windows Server/Compellent based "SAN" and we are experiencing performance issues with our cached map services rendering in a timely manner.  On the netapp, we would see individual consistent tile request through render times of less than 400 ms.  Now, on the SAN, we are seeing huge variability... from <200 ms to over 3000 ms.


After talking with one of our sys admins, he suggested seeing if esri has any documentation on how to setup a SAN for best performance... things like formatting the disk into x block sizes, turning off compression, etc...


If anyone knows of such documentation or has any knowledge in this area, that would be great.

Thanks much,